Re: How to work with VPN on mobile devices?

發表人 lona 於 2019/12/22 0:45:00
这帚敲PN服务,将在智能手机不断地工作可能不是在所有。 我有同帚问题。 如果您退出浏览器,那么您需要再次运行VPN,以便浏览器打开关闭的网站。 当然不是很方便。 但该怎么办? 我也不知道如何解这帚问题。
Such VPN services that would work in the smartphone constantly probably not at all. I have the same problem. That if you exit the browser, then you need to run the VPN again, so that the browser opens closed sites. Not very of course conveniently. But what to do? I also do not know how to solve such a problem.